A year after opening, Jubilee Cupcakes has expanded into a full dessert bakery. A new lineup in the bakery case is the result of owner Patti Frank hiring Sirpa Singh, a recent pastry school graduate with an interesting background, according to The News Tribune in Tacoma, WA.

With Singh at the helm of the kitchen, the bakery located in downtown Puyallup, WA, offers close to a dozen different desserts with an ever-changing menu – fresh-baked cookies, cake balls, coffee cakes, danish, turnovers, cinnamon rolls and even gluten-free pumpkin bars. Also new are galettes – those rustic, free-form pastries that cooking magazines in the last year have declared the new cupcake. They’re Singh’s specialty, along with a broad range of European-style pastries that have been rotating through Jubilee’s bakery case.

Homemade ganaches, curds, meringues, and caramels--along with the customization of our cupcakes--allow Jubilee Cupcakes to stand out as a leading cupcake bakery in the Puget Sound.

Expect to see more fanciful and exotic pastry flavors from Singh, who grew up in Finland, married an Indian man and spent 30 years traveling the country and world while holding an accounting job that she left after the buyout of Washington Mutual. Singh enrolled in Seattle Central Community College’s culinary program and graduated in March 2012.

Singh calls her switch to pastry a “natural evolution,” even if the line from accounting to baking doesn’t seem linear.

Her baking philosophy, she says, is very European – turning pastry into fetching desserts using fresh ingredients at their prime. That means she’s making lots of apple galettes and tarts these days. “I use a lot of apples because they’re Washington’s number one crop. And pears.” Singh told The News Tribune. “My method is more sustainable and working with the seasons.”