Sculpted fondant figurines - when created efficiently - are a cost-effective way to give your cakes added well as create an upsell for the order.

At a Deep South RBA workshop, noted decorator Bronwen Weber demonstrated easy tips for quick and creative fondant figurines that you can add on to a cake design for as much as $20 per figurine.

Fondant figurines can be whimsical and fun. In fact, sometimes all it takes is a little human element - a smile, lips or even eyelashes - to bring a figurine to life. What's the difference between a lobster and a happy lobster? A smile! What's the difference between a boy frog and a girl frog? Eyelashes! "The more you add, the more personality it has," Weber says.

Just remember that also means the more time it will require, so remember to charge accordingly for the time.