What is important to note is that Hispanics, particularly those foreign-born and Spanish-language dominant, define nutrition in terms of quality as well as quantity, according to The NPD Group, a leading market research company. Filling and eating everything on-a-plate conveys that a person “eats well” and a nutritious meal was served, which is a symbol of good health among Spanish-language dominant and foreign-born US Hispanics, according to insights shared in a recently released NPD study on U.S. Hispanics’ food and beverage consumption patterns.  

Hispanics’ pride in their cooking, emphasis on traditional flavors and ensuring the food they feed their families is nutritious, shapes perceptions that healthy foods aren’t as tasty or as nutritious, according to the NPD report.

Forty-six percent of Spanish-language dominant Hispanics feel that almost everything that is very good for you doesn’t taste very good. However, proportions change as Hispanics acculturate. For example, 31 percent of bilingual Hispanics and only 11 percent of English dominant Hispanics agree.