Made by Barbara of Barbara’s Cookie’s Pies with her Nana’s family recipe, a cookie pie looks like a pie, but eats like a cookie! It all starts with an authentic butter cookie dough made from her 3 generation family recipe. The buttery cookie dough (a treat by itself) forms the bottom layer of each Cookie Pie; then each is filled with popular cookie & candy toppings. It’s a cookie-in–a-cookie-in-a pie!

Barbara's Hand-Made Cookie Pies are the evolution of the cookie into something bigger and better... a decadent fusion of traditional cookie & candy classics with a modern artisan touch.

Each Cookie Pie is hand-made from scratch in small batches, hand-pressed and hand-decorated. Barbara’s Cookie Pies only use high-quality ingredients to ensure love is baked into every bite. Barbara’s Cookie Pies and Butter Cookies are delivered nationwide.