Learn how to make a beautiful ombre cake in just a few simple steps. This coloring style is quickly becoming a trendy skill throughout the country. The ombre cake featured on the right was made at BAKED in Seattle, WA.

Ombre, the subtle fading of often muted or soft colors, is quickly gaining popularity as a color scheme for tiered cakes. In addition to being a trendy and beautiful design, it’s always fairly easy to execute. For weddings, this is most popularly done with fondant. First, select your color scheme. For a two tiered cake, you will want to have four tones that will subtly transition from the lightest to the darkest color.

Next, roll out the fondant for each tone and cut narrow strips that you will wrap around the outside of your cake. You can add ruffles to these strips using a small pen-sized roller. This will give the cake a great deal of texture, which will also hide any possible imperfections. Place the darkest tone at the base of the cake and gradually place lighter tones as you go up the cake.

This effect can also be added using buttercream. Most importantly, the key to a beautiful ombre cake is the gradual transition of color.