Bakery owner Sabrina Davis set out last fall to open a bakery that would be different to the scene of Abilene, TX. After about four months of operating Sweets du Jour out of a small shop and kitchen space at South Seventh Street and Leggett Drive, she might have pulled it off, according to the Abilene Reporter-News.

Sweets du Jour bills itself as Abilene’s newest premier bakery specializing in awesomely great cheesecakes.

Although layer cakes and cheesecakes are common bakery staples, the ones Davis churns out look anything but traditional. People who are used to seeing fluffy buttercream frosting on a stacked cake may be surprised to see most of the cakes Davis makes covered with sleek, shiny ganache. Her cheesecakes don't generally get a drizzle of chocolate sauce, rather, they're topped with fruit or candy or delicate curls of shaved chocolate.

She doesn't sell doughnuts or kolaches, but she hopes the bakery becomes a hot breakfast spot because of the quiches, muffins and cinnamon rolls. Additionally, she is set to buy a dough sheeter next month, which will allow her to make croissants.

Last fall, she found what she considered the perfect space to open her business. A former jewelry store with blank white walls, plush green carpet, built-in jewelry displays and no kitchen probably wouldn't have seemed ideal to most.

However, she quickly went to work adding a kitchen and making the front of the shop look like a street in Paris. The only reminder of the store's past life is an enormous safe that sits in the back of the kitchen. Propped open and holding some bakery supplies, the safe was too heavy to remove, Davis said.