Magnolia Bakery and STUDIOCULT have announced that they are launching their newest collaboration on Wednesday, July 10, blending the sweetness of baked goods with the designs of timeless, trendy jewelry.

For years, Magnolia Bakery has captivated customers' taste buds with its signature banana pudding and pastries. Meanwhile, STUDIOCULT has carved out a unique space in the jewelry market, creating a clever and referential design aesthetic.

The limited-edition collection, born from a shared passion for whimsy, nostalgia and celebration, features a stunning array of jewelry pieces intricately crafted to capture a visual treat. From eye-catching necklaces to charming rings and earrings, each piece draws inspiration from Magnolia's daisy that sits on top of their iconic Carrie Cupcake.

Pieces are made of stainless steel, ceramic and acrylic with durability, scratch resistance and unparalleled quality. The come in an accessible price range of $75 to $250.