Based on millions of daily consumer interactions, Yelp data is at the center of the cultural conversation and can track emerging trends across hundreds of categories, whether it’s new dishes on the menu or ways to spruce up your home.

As July heats up, Yelp’s Trends Tracker has found that people are looking for relief, not just in terms of cooling down, but from high spending. Fast food chains are vying for customers’ attention and dollars with value meals, while many consumers are embracing a ‘no-spend’ summer through creative activities.

Searches on Yelp for ‘value meal’ are up 240 percent, searches for ‘meal deal’ are up 307 percent and searches for ‘cheap food’ are up 118 percent. Fast food chains are competing to offer the best value meals this summer, with deals like McDonald’s $5 Meal Deal and Taco Bell’s $7 Luxe Cravings Box. As the cost of eating out continues to increase, everyone is on the lookout for affordable options.

The higher cost of living is also reflected in summer activities for individuals and families. According to Yelp, searches for ‘free activities’ are up 103 percent, searches for public library are up 73 percent, searches for 'beaches' are up 58 percent and searches for 'free live music' are up 30 percent. Consumers are finding creative ways to save money while still enjoying the summer months.

In other trendy news, the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Caesar salad has the popular food item on people’s minds. Searches for ‘chicken Caesar wrap’ are up 80 percent and searches for ‘Caesar salad’ are up 57 percent. Chefs have been putting their own spins on this classic dish as it grows in popularity.

Finally, this summer sees limoncello taking center stage as the go-to liqueur for refreshing spritzes. This Italian lemon liqueur adds a touch of sweetness and a burst of citrus to summer sips. Searches for ‘limoncello’ are up 135 percent and searches for ‘limoncello spritz’ are up 127 percent.