Dutch Bros Coffee is capturing the best elements of summer, with its new drink roster serving beloved '90s vibes. The following are now available at all 900+ Dutch Bros locations:

  • The Cookie Dough Freeze is a sweet treat is blended chocolate chip cookie dough coffee with Soft Top and cookie dough pieces.
  • The Sherbet Rebel puts a playful twist on an iconic summer flavor with sweet cream infused into an orange and passion fruit blended energy drink topped with a strawberry float.
  • The Tropical Frosted Lemonade blends passion fruit, coconut and blue raspberry for a tropical lemonade with strawberry fruit and sweet cream for a smooth finish.

"These drinks are a throwback to the '90s while embracing summer fun," says Tana Davila, chief marketing officer at Dutch Bros. "With fun classic flavors like the Cookie Dough Freeze including cookie dough pieces or our Sherbet Rebel with sweet cream, these drinks are a blast from the past and are great for any summer adventure you embark on!"

In addition to these treats, Dutch Bros is welcoming back a festive favorite, the Firecracker Rebel. The product sparks 4th of July fun with blue poppin' candy sprinkled over a red raspberry blended energy drink with Soft Top.