Dawn Foods, a global leader in bakery ingredients, is helping bakeries capitalize on everyday moments throughout the year with the launch of the new suite of tools for "All-idays". Available now, this new, digital toolkit encourages bakeries to move beyond the traditional big holidays and seize the potential of daily celebrations, enhancing customer engagement and driving incremental sales.

In the busy world of bakery business, the focus often remains on major holidays like Christmas, Halloween, or Valentine's Day to showcase special offerings. However, each day holds the potential for celebration, and All-idays can turn these everyday moments into opportunities for delight and profitability.

"With All-idays, there's no need to wait for the big holidays or milestones—every day becomes an opportunity to celebrate with a sweet treat," says Sarah Hickey, vice president of marketing at Dawn Foods. "This toolkit provides bakeries with practical, creative, easy-to-execute ideas to help them attract new customers and cultivate meaningful connections."

Dawn Foods' All-iday toolkit includes a comprehensive calendar and social media guide to help bakeries plan and promote their offerings every month. It features marketing strategies, recipes, flavor inspirations and practical tactics for training staff to deliver these unique experiences. In the fall, Dawn Foods will release a second All-idays toolkit to help bakeries plan for October through December.