The American Egg Board (AEB) invites visitors to join its representatives at Booth 3081 during the IFT First Annual Event and Expo, taking place July 14-17 in Chicago. There, they can experience innovative egg-based beverages and meet Chef Nelson Serrano-Bahri, AEB director of innovation, to learn about groundbreaking concepts from the Eggcelerator Lab and its proprietary innovation process.

At its booth, AEB will provide the following samples:

  • Cold Brew Coffee with Custard Boba – A unique beverage highlighting the potential of eggs in coffee
  • Yuzu Meringue Tart – A yuzu curd tart topped with torched Sh’mallow, showcasing Yuzu Co yuzu concentrate and Sh’mallow from the Eggcelerator Lab
  • Chocolate Custard Protein Shake – Developed in partnership with Tetra Pak, this shake features protein from one egg enhanced with whey protein

Visitors can also learn about AEB’s university Student Innovation Competition. The competition challenged university students to develop a novel snack product with a good source of protein claim, primarily sourced from egg ingredients. After rigorous review and sensory evaluations, the top three finalists, who represent University of Georgia – Athens, Cornell University and Johnson & Wales University, and the winning concept will be honored on July 16.