Summer means many things to your bakery customers who are looking for special ways to celebrate. There are a host of key holidays to promote, including Fourth of July, Father’s Day, and even National Donut Day on the first Friday of June.

Bring out your creative designs that are bursting with color. Organize your decorators ahead of time in team-building gatherings inside your bakery to enable them to participate in the creative process.

Choose color and design themes that match your brand ideas and strategies. If you operate special holidays like a special business opportunity, you are better equipped to maximize sales and create lasting impressions with your customers.

At Cardozo Bakery in Marietta, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, Uriel, Miguel and Gabriel Cardozo point out that their customers come from a diverse background, including Mexico, Central and South America, and Jamaica, so they strive to appeal to a wide audience.

During the summer months, the bakers and decorators focus on premium fillings from BakeMark.

“Our customers love the fillings. The flavors are delicious,” Cardozo Bakery’s owners say. “We use Bavarian cream filling a lot. There is really no equal to the quality we get from BakeMark.”

Cardozo Bakery offers a variety of fresh food options, including tres leches cakes, chocoflan, donuts and flan napolitana. The bakery uses only the freshest ingredients to provide the best quality and taste.