The 2011 Pillsbury Bakers Plus Creative Decorating Competition will be held at All Things Baking in Schaumburg, IL, which is scheduled for October 2-4, 2011. The competition will be held during the first two days of the show in front of a live audience on the trade show floor. The competition is open to professional cake decorators who will compete for 10 hours in 5 different categories.

The highest scoring individual, as determined by a panel of certified judges, will be awarded the coveted Pillsbury Bakers Plus Grand Champion Trophy, sponsored by General Mills. Gold, silver, and bronze medals will also be awarded for the highest three scores in each category. Over $14,000 in prize money will be awarded to competitors and their sponsoring bakeries and affiliates.

All contestants must be members of the Retail Bakers of America, must work full-time or part-time in a cake shop, retail or supermarket bakery and have a minimum of two years of decorating experience.