According to the National Restaurant Association’s annual Eating and Drinking Place Summer Employment Forecast, restaurant operators will add 525,000 jobs for the summer season. This is the first time on record that demand has reached this level two summers in a row.

“Restaurant jobs are particularly valuable because employees can learn a host of skills in a short time that are investments for both their business and everyday life,” says Michelle Korsmo, president and chief executive officer of the National Restaurant Association. “According to our survey, among adults who have worked in the industry, a majority (63%) think working in the industry is extremely or very beneficial for skill development. Additionally, 79% of adults agree working in the restaurant industry is valuable for professional development and that they still use those skills like teamwork, prioritization, communication, adaptability, and attention to detail.”

The restaurant industry is the nation’s training ground. Sixty-three percent of adults have worked in the restaurant industry at some point in their lives. One in 10 people currently work in foodservice, making it the nation’s second-largest private employer