Nestlé Toll House has announced the debut of Nestlé Toll House Triple Chip Mix, a convenient 3-in-1 mix that gives bakers a million ways to get inspired.

Triple Chip Mix contains a blend of the three iconic morsel flavors that Toll House fans know and love – sweet and creamy vanilla flavored Premier White Morsels, rich and flavorful Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels and decadently Dark Chocolate Morsels. Each bag comes pre-mixed with the perfect balance of each morsel within.

Nestlé Toll House created the Triple Chip Mix to help adventurous bakers discover a whole new world of possibilities by blending the three delicious morsels into one bag for purchase. It will be available at retailers nationwide starting in June for an MSRP of $5.29 for a 9-ounce bag (prices may vary by retailer).

“We know consumers love to mix and match our flavors, so we wanted to make it easier than ever by placing three beloved classics in one convenient bag,” says Melanie Knoke, senior marketing manager of Nestlé Toll House. “The result? A Triple Chip Mix of our iconic flavors that’s rich, creamy, and sweet enough to take any treat to the next level.”