In June, Stan’s Donuts & Coffee in Chicago is featuring exciting new items like the Almond Croissant LeStan and the Dreamsicle Mini, alongside beloved fan favorites such as the Maple Bacon Long John and Pride Donuts.

The big celebration of donuts occurs on Friday June 7 for National Donut Day. Stan’s is offering a special deal with a free Chocolate Dipped Cake Donut to all customers with a purchase on Friday, June 7. Additionally, customers will also have a chance to win either free coffee or donuts for a year. Winners are encouraged to send a video to so Stan’s can share the sweet win on its social media.

New donut items in June include:

  • Almond Croissant LeStan (May 29-July 2) – This traditional croissant donut is filled with luscious almond pastry cream, topped with crunchy almonds. New price: $5.95
  • Dreamsicle Mini (May 29-July 2) – These signature mini cake donuts are bursting with zesty orange flavor and topped with a heavenly dollop of cream to create the perfect orange vanilla indulgence. These will be available in donut cases daily and for online ordering (24-hour notice) and catering in 30 or 60 counts. Price: 3 for $4.50
  • Maple Bacon Long John (June 15-16) – Just in time for Father’s Day, a beloved fan favorite returns. This treat features a signature long john recipe, topped with a rich maple glaze and crispy bacon strips.
  • Pride Donut (June 24-30) – Back by popular demand, the traditional cake donut is making a triumphant return, just in time for Pride Month. This special treat is topped with a vibrant rainbow glaze, symbolizing love, diversity and inclusivity.
  • Rainbow Sprinkled Cake (June 24-30) – A classic vanilla sprinkled cake donut, now with a rainbow twist. Each bite is a celebration of joy and inclusivity, with the addition of vibrant rainbow sprinkles.

These donut offerings will be available at all 30 Stan’s locations throughout Chicagoland, including Mariano’s locations.