In the RBA Member Spotlight series, we'll be profiling valued members of the Retail Bakers of America community.

This week, we're looking at The Flour Shop Bakery in Flower Mound, Texas. Owner and pastry chef Cara Vasquez grew up baking with her mom and learning from her. After high school, Vasquez attended culinary school at El Centro College in Dallas. Shortly after that, she started her career, working for the same Dallas restaurant for 10 years as a baker and bakery manager at two of its three locations. Her dream had always been to open her own bakery, and on June 27, 2011, her dream came true.

Get to know Cara Vasquez and The Flour Shop Bakery more below.

How many years have you been in business?

The Flour Shop Bakery: 13.

What made you want to get into the baking industry/why are you passionate about baking?

I grew up baking, from scratch, with my mom and grandmother. After high school, I struggled with finding my path/passion. Knowing my love for baking, my mom suggested culinary school. I loved this idea and quickly enrolled! Into my first year, I got my first kitchen job and instantly fell in love with the industry. The most asked question I get is, "what's your favorite thing to bake?" My answer is always the same, I don't have a favorite. Just give me a mixer and an oven and I'm happy! Through the fast paced environment of the kitchen, I find my happy place. The place where I feel the most comfortable, where I can be creative yet structured. I am home.

What are your top-selling products/what product do you consider to be your specialty?

Our top selling item is cupcakes. We have over 100 flavors, most of them filled. When we opened 13 years ago, we used to create a new flavor each week. This quickly got out of hand and we ended up with over 100 flavor combinations. We now just rotate through them. We highlight our most popular flavors from the years and create new ones based on holidays. 

We also sell a lot of cakes, pies, brownies and cookies. 

What do you see trending in the industry?

We see the industry trending towards grab-and-go items as well as over the top "instagramable" desserts. We recently created a line of stuffed and over-the-top cream puffs to sell at a new location in hopes of gaining more interest and achieving trending posts. 

We offer a similar item in our flagship store using our croissants. 

How has your RBA membership made a difference in your business?

RBA has helped through industry connections and education. With the online portal where we can ask questions to the classes provided RBA has proven to be a valuable resource. I have also attended IBIE several times and my favorite, the Cannabis class held in Colorado.

What have you learned from customers over the years?

We have been so fortunate with amazing customers, some who have become friends. They teach us patience, gratitude and help us keep up with trends. While I don't believe the customer is always right; I do believe we have made it to 13 years because of them and we'll keep making delicious desserts and providing excellent customer service to keep them!

What are your plans for the bakery in the coming years (expansion, digital, new offerings, etc.)?

We are currently working on expanding into a second location inside a food hall in Dallas' AT&T Discovery District. We hope to be open by late summer. 

We are also working on a surprise expansion inside our flagship location in Flower Mound.

What do you look for when hiring staff?

When hiring new team members we look for people with the same values and work ethic as the rest of the team. We are less worried about experience and more about the people. We can train anyone... almost anyone.

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