With the advent of extreme cakes, everyone wants a centerpiece that their guests will remember. Whether the lasting effects are accomplished with pyrotechnics or pure panache is up to the designer and their unique style. With so many emerging talents in the cake-decorating world, it is important to distinguish yourself from the rest.

The French Pastry School in Chicago presents an Oct. 15-18 professional education class featuring Chef Marina Sousa, with her successful business, Just Cake, and her many appearances on Food Network and in leading bridal magazines. She is a master at self-branding. In order to achieve a client's dream wedding cake while keeping your personal style, you need an arsenal of techniques at your disposal. In her three-day, hands-on course, Chef Sousa will guide you through techniques that have made her famous.

Chef Sousa will help you explore a variety of popular mediums (fondant, gum-paste, isomalt, royal icing and poured chocolate) with her own unique spin. Students will create a contemporary tiered wedding cake utilizing the skills discussed and demonstrated; the design will be yours to take home at the end of class.
For more information about the class, visit www.frenchpastryschool.com.