Gunther Grant, Inc. announced that its subsidiary, Got Chocolates, Inc., has created a non dairy Gluten Free Vegan Fudge in response to consumer demand for a gourmet fudge without animal or dairy products in the recipe.

The idea for Vegan Fudge evolved when several consumers approached the Got Chocolates display at a Whole Foods Market farmer's market inquiring if the fudge was vegan. Seeing an opportunity, the CEO instructed his development team to expedite the creation of this new product. Within a week, the team had created a Gluten Free Vegan Fudge. They accomplished this by using the same quality natural ingredients as their regular fudge and replacing the cream with almond milk and the butter with coconut oil. The outcome is a smooth and creamy mixture.

"The ability to see a need, create an item for that demand FAST and bring to market in just a few days is something our larger competitors cannot do without months of planning, board approval and major research and development. With over 16 million vegetarians in the US with about half of these being vegan, the market for vegan food continues to explode. We are excited to bring this opportunity to the market to fulfill consumer demand and provide another revenue source for our Company," says Grant Newsteder, CEO of Gunther Grant, Inc.