Slade Grove, Executive Pastry Chef and Owner of Slade Grove Creative Gourmet, LLC, has been working on a new line of truly artisan, all-natural gourmet caramel sauces. Slade noticed that many of the so-called gourmet sauces currently on the market are mass-produced, loaded with artificial ingredients, and corn syrups-based jars of simply “goo” labeled as gourmet.

“There isn’t anything “gourmet” about a sauce whose main ingredient is corn syrup or water...” states Slade. He continues “I saw a need for a dessert sauce that’s truly gourmet and made in artisan batches. Real artisan batches - small quantities, hand stirred, hand filled, and hand packaged. Even the jar labels are applied by hand.”

Slade is excited to announce the immediate availability of his new All Natural Gourmet Caramel Sauce in the following flavors: Alder Wood Smoked Sea Salt Caramel, Butter Caramel, Butter Pecan Caramel, Banana Blast Caramel, Banana Walnut Caramel, and Vanilla Latte Caramel Sauce. The sauces are sold in 10oz amber glass jars with a safety sealed lid. The retail cost is $8.95 per jar and is available at his website: or call calling 602-492-4970.

Having achieved nationwide recognition with his line of gourmet soft caramel chews (recently featured in Food Network Magazine), he used those flavor profiles to build upon for his new line of caramel dessert sauces.

All of Slade’s gourmet caramel sauces are made with pure, simple ingredients such as real cane sugar, Grade AA butter, fresh cream, real vanilla, and other natural flavors. All dairy used by Slade Grove Creative Gourmet is rBGH/rBST-free.