The Saginaw Township Planning Commission on Sept. 19 approved site plans for a new 11,534-square-foot Aunt Millie’s baking facility. The site will house bakery, warehouse, wholesale and retail operations for Aunt Millie’s, which is a subsidiary of Fort Wayne, Ind.-based Perfection Bakeries.

Approval by the commission came after Perfection Bakeries agreed to 16 recommended changes to a site plan that originally was presented to the planning commission in 2009. At that time, Perfection Bakeries had planned to build a 9,900-square-foot facility.

The company has not given a timeline for the start of construction.

Aunt Millie’s currently operates facilities in Fort Wayne; Coldwater (two plants), Jackson, Kalamazoo and Plymouth Township, MI.; and Sidney, OH. The company had 2010 grain-based foods sales of $200 million, according to the 2011 Directory & Buyers Guide.