Small-batch ice cream franchise Marble Slab Creamery has announced its brand-new flavor offering – Caramel Churro Crunch. Available as ice cream or as a shake, the flavor is a perfect complement to the fall season.

Caramel Churro Crunch ice cream is made using creamy Sweet Cream ice cream and swirling it with caramel sauce and mini crunchy churros. The Marble Slab Creamery Caramel Churro Crunch shake is a blend of Sweet Cream ice cream, mini crunchy churros and a swirl of caramel sauce, all topped with whipped cream and crushed mini churros. The limited-time treat is available now through October 31.

“Churro continues to be a trending flavor profile we couldn’t help but lean into for fall,” says Katie Thoms, senior director of marketing at FAT Brands’ Quick Service Division. “We’re proud of this decadent flavor combination we’ve created and know our fans will love to cozy up with a cup, cone or shake.”

The chain boasts over 375 locations and continues to expand globally, most notably with its cookie sister brand, Great American Cookies.