While many Americans have opted to follow a gluten-free diet, a recent article from US News & World Report discusses how some consumers are not aware of what is truly gluten-free. Gluten is a storage protein found in foods that contain wheat and related grain species; for those with wheat allergies or celiac disease, this compound can trigger severe, harmful reactions in the human body. For these reasons, the article suggests that manufacturers should ensure that products labeled "gluten-free" must follow certain criteria. However, the article also notes that some food companies fail to follow these standards and is an issue the US Food and Drug Administration is proposing to regulate. As a company that produces a variety of gluten-free products, Julian Bakery understands the importance of proper guidelines and stands by the FDA proposal.

According to the article, the proposal is one that will ensure that all gluten-free products are safe for those following such a diet. It states, "proposed legislation would mandate that products labeled 'gluten-free' must be tested to ensure that they contain no more than 20 parts per million of gluten, a threshold under which current testing methods are unable to detect the presence of gluten." As some health officials have observed, some manufacturers that advertise a gluten-free claim only do so as a marketing tactic; the new FDA legislation would outlaw this potentially harmful practice.

Although such regulations have not yet been set in place, Julian Bakery has already established safety protocols to ensure its gluten-free products are not dangerous. Apart from its central location in La Jolla, California, the company opened a 10,000 sq. ft. bakery in the neighboring city of Oceanside that is dedicated solely to the production of gluten-free products. This practice provides consumers with peace of mind that specific Julian Bakery products--such as Paleo Bread, Carb Zero Bread and Southwestern Cornbread--are free of the harmful components.

Julian Bakery encourages all bakeries and manufacturers with gluten-free products to follow strict protocol to ensure customer safety. While the proposal FDA regulations are currently not effective, Julian Bakery reminds its customers that its products can be shipped across the country or can be found at local markets through the store locator.