• Kerry™ Pastel Sequins (02313493)
  • Bakery Essentials™ Yellow Decorettes (03032152)
  • Kerry™ Pink Sanding Sugar (01053157)
  • Dawn Exceptional® Lemon Old Fashioned Cake Donut Mix (02484773)
  • Water
  • Dawn Exceptional® Fon Dip White Flat Icing (00018952) OR Dawn Exceptional® E-Z Open™ White Flat Icing (3012130)
  • Bakery Essentials™ Natural & Artificial Lemon Emulsion (03037034)
  • Chefmaster ® Lemon Yellow Liqua-Gel Color (02333946)
  • Dawn Exceptional® Light Pink Buttercreme Style Icing (02441046)
  • Paper Straw
  • Lemon Slice Candy


For Sprinkles: Combine 100% pastel sequins, 50% yellow decorettes, and 50% pink sanding sugar. Reserve.

Prepare lemon old fashioned donut mix according to manufacturer’s instructions. Fry and let cool completely. Combine 100% white flat icing, 3% lemon emulsion, and yellow gel coloring. Dip donuts into the lemon flat icing and immediately top with prepared sprinkles. Place light pink buttercreme into a piping bag fitted with a medium sized open star tip. Pipe a small rosette on the edge of the donut and finish with a paper straw and lemon slice candy.

Recipe courtesy of Dawn Foods