The newest reference guide to join The Food Institute's popular almanac series is the 2012 release of the Almanac of Canned Vegetables. Utilizing data from a multitude of sources, Food Institute analysts evaluate data from government agencies, such as the US Department of Agriculture and the US Census Bureau, and link this knowledge with expertise extracted from prominent food-industry market research firms, to provide clients with time-sensitive market intelligence and expertise. This comprehensive reference guide includes five years of exclusive price trends, production data, statistics on import and export volume, and so much more.

Available in print or PDF versions for only $195 (a print & disk version is available for only $245), this guide assembles all the data into one source. The reference book has everything needed to stay competitive in today's ever-changing marketplace. Also included are illustrated charts and graphs, suitable for presentation purposes. Order your copy of the Almanac of Canned Vegetables, 2012 edition, today.