Innovations in the bakery oven sector are front and center. Ask any expert in the field, and they will share that energy efficiencies are top of the charts when it comes to priorities in oven improvements geared for retail bakeries.

“Everybody is looking for ways to save energy. We have done really well at energy saving features. Our customers rely on meaningful efficiencies. For us, energy efficiency is No. 1,” points out Michael Mathis, sales development manager at Baxter Manufacturing.

“There are a lot of neat innovations,” he continues. “This industry has come a long way – because of supply chain demand.”

In-store and supermarket baking, rather than centralized baking, is becoming more common. "Whole fresh, straight from the oven" is more and more becoming one of the quality criteria for consumers. However, not every store area offers space for a large rack oven. This is where the WP ROTHERM RE 860 comes into play. Compact, space-saving and particularly user-friendly, it meets all the requirements of in-store baking, according to WP Bakery Group USA.

With a footprint of just 56 x 55 inches and a height of 88 inches, the new WP ROTOTHERM RE 860 compact rack oven stands out for its impressive performance. Dough pieces of all kinds, fresh, retarded proofing or semi-baked, can be baked quickly, in large quantities and in excellent quality. Up to 15 baking trays 26 inches x 18 inches with dough pieces can be quickly loaded into the oven by using a rack and unloaded just as quickly. Products can cool in the rack and be removed as needed.

Since supermarkets as well as large stores usually do not have chimneys for exhaust gases, the RE 860 is only available electrically heated. It can be operated by anyone, even an unskilled employee. The oven can be controlled easily and safely via the self-explanatory user interface, which was specially developed for the store area.

All the well-known advantages and features of the proven WP ROTOTHERM series are also combined in this new compact, electric version. A sophisticated interplay of advanced technical solutions brings bakeries great performance with low energy consumption for maximum efficiency and economy.

The megatrend "energy" is always in focus for the WP Bakery Group. With the challenges of the current situation and its now already clearly noticeable effects, the strategic use of targeted actions becomes all the more important, decisive and, above all, urgent in order to make forward-looking decisions and, at the same time, to secure profitability.

"Not just talk, but do."

According to this motto, WP Bakery Group once again proves its innovative strength and performance both as the world's largest manufacturer of machines and systems for bakeries of all sizes and as an innovative supplier of state-of-the-art bakery technology covering the entire process chain of baking - from kneading, dividing, and kneading to proofing, cooling, charging, and baking.

The central questions – “How and where can energy be saved? What can be done to ensure energy security?" – are addressed by WP Bakery Group with concrete and effective solutions that help artisan and industrial bakeries achieve greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and security, at all stages of the entire process chain. In addition to the change to the latest oven technologies, the elementary levers for this are the optimization of production processes and stabilization of baking results.

Optimized heat exchangers are used to save energy with the aim of reducing the exhaust gas temperature. With WP VARIOPILOT for optimum fine adjustment of the flow rates as well as the improvement of the flow conditions in the entire baking chamber, there is a significantly improved heat transfer to the baked goods. Empty ovens are avoided with the intelligent WP IEC (Intelligent Energy Control) software, which immediately detects the empty oven and reacts by lowering the temperature. Hot exhaust gases always mean energy loss.

WP ASR, the automatic controlled draft system, ensures optimum constant draft conditions in the oven, independent of external factors such as weather conditions, bakehouse conditions, oven parameters. With WP Isothermic Baking, the normal programs for full occupancy of a baked product can continue to be used even with partial loading. Baking time and temperature are automatically adjusted, making a valuable contribution to energy savings.

The WP Rototherm can be equipped with the THERMOGATE option. When the door is opened, an electrically operated flap separates the baking chamber from the through-flow by a kind of short circuit. The air flowing out of the heat exchanger is directly returned to the heat exchanger. The not inconsiderable energy loss caused by flushing with cold air before restarting the burner is eliminated.

In total, the various optimization features of the WP ROTHOTHERM GREEN can save up to 28.7% energy, reduce baking times by 10%, and consequently increase productivity by 10%.

WP MATADOR and UNITHERM are now also available in versions with electric heating. The WP ROTOTHERM Green can be converted from oil/gas to electric by changing the energy block.

Tackling labor issues

Innovations in control panels are another key initiative in the bakery oven sector.

“Labor is a big issue,” points out Mathis at Baxter Manufacturing. “Bakers can utilize our innovative programming to deliver consistency across your brand. You want products that are consistent day to day. Operators can pull up set recipes with ease. Take that one variable out of the equation.

New controls feature self-diagnostics, called Smart Touch.

“Our equipment can tell the operator what the issue is, and service will show up with the right tool.   It allows you to see panels remotely and monitor what is going on at all locations,” Mathis says.

Bakeries can download reports like how many products are baked per day and other variables. They will be able to see the exact parameters around the specific recipe – a unique feature in the industry because others typically use an Android system as their controller.

Key accomplishments

The ITW Food Equipment Group brands list the following additional 2022 key accomplishments in the manufacture of their energy-efficient equipment and technology equipment.

New energy-efficient cooking equipment was introduced, including the Vulcan TCM combi oven and Baxter OV520G1 single-rack oven. The Baxter oven features a Smart Touch controller that gives customers the flexibility to manage and reduce energy consumption.

Vulcan participated in stakeholder dialogue with the DOE and ICF International, Inc. to contribute to the development of the forthcoming ENERGY STAR Commercial Ovens 3.0 specification.

More than 350 ITW Food Equipment Group employees and 250 distributor or retailer locations received ongoing training on ENERGY STAR standards and benefits.

Hobart continued to make efficiency improvements at its headquarters in Troy, Ohio, including the installation of more LED light fixtures and bulbs and a new cooling system in its tech center, along with additional energy-efficient windows.

From MIWE, the 2021 model year MIWE roll-in offers important innovations and further improvements. This is why MIWE is presenting some important innovations and further improvements with its 2021 model year MIWE roll-in e+.

This includes the MIWE Heat Flow, developed in continuous exchange with users and master bakers. It is a combination of an optimized heat storage wall and a vertically positioned air grill, which has been newly developed from scratch, and newly arranged “trumpet nozzles.”

With their optimized flow geometry, these trumpet nozzles ensure stable, uniform baking results for a wide variety of baked goods – all combined with extremely economical energy use. The steam device has also been further developed and, thanks to a comprehensive optimization of the steam water inlets, a new type of water routing and an intelligent cascade design, it now ensures that the steam reaches the entire baking chamber significantly faster and yet more evenly.

The patented MIWE air control has also been further improved, and multilayer insulating mats provide completely new insulation and a permanently improved insulating effect.

Whether baguettes, croissants, rolls, sourdough wheat bread or even unmoulded rye breads. the MIWE roll-in handles the widest conceivable range of baked goods with aplomb, and without any problems.

The ability to bake batch-after-batch is one of the basic requirements for rack ovens. Thanks to an optimized heat storage wall and very good recovery capacity, the MIWE roll-in is ready for use again immediately.

Bread from the rack oven? No problem for the MIWE roll-in, as even unmoulded rye breads get all the heat they need for an excellent baking result.

The frozen dough baking technology allows baking directly from freezing without further proofing. Controlled thawing is immediately combined with subsequent baking and, thanks to continuous pulses of steam and air at the start, this ensures the best gloss and a perfect bloom.

One of a kind

By creating a round chamber, Revent made the oven slimmer and, at the same time, more powerful with its one-of-a-kind ONE series oven. It scores high in all important aspects such as baking quality, footprint, and energy.

The round chamber together with an intelligent 3-layered glass, fewer heat bridges and modern insulation leads to a minimum of energy waste. It uses less water and energy for baking, and the total life cycle energy consumption is minimized with fewer parts, less material and lower weight, creating less handling in the recycle process.

The elegantly and ergonomically designed ONE39 and ONE26 are not only showstoppers in any bakery or shop, they are also world leaders in energy efficiency. To that the bakery required footprint is significantly reduced, the multi-baking opportunities are vast, and the quality of the end products is striking. 

As for all Revent ovens, the ONE series are designed to last long with high performance. “Apart from quality being the guiding principle from the drawing table to the production line, we are looking at the whole chain of events up to the oven.”

Besides the Revent 700 series rack ovens and the ONE series oven, Revent features high-quality convection ovens from Wiesheu providing maximum baking capacity and energy savings, high speed cooking ovens from Atollspeed for that perfect snack food, and a range of high-quality coffee machinery from the Italian company Ryoma.

From Wiesheu, Dibas blue2, WIESHEU baking stations provide you with the exact baking capacities that you want in your store. This is because our Dibas blue and Euromat convection ovens are easy to combine with the Ebo deck oven. Due to its weight, the deck oven is positioned below the convection oven in the combination. With the addition of a steam reducer and prover, the oven station becomes a complete functional unit. Baking trays can also be integrated. We will be pleased to advise you in person to find the combination that is the most suitable for you.

Should your customers smell freshly baked goods as soon as they enter your bakery? Do you believe the oven is not only a working tool but also a shop design element that gives your customers an enticing view of your products? Would you like to keep work processes short and simple, yet have little space on the shop floor? Would you like to combine hot-air technology and artisan baking on stone, or even use ovens of different sizes?

Space is precious and the oven door often gets in the way. Not so with the Dibas blue2 in-store ovens. The unique door disappears when opened, leaving you more room to work. The intelligent ActiveSteam technology combines the advantages of pipe and cascade steam. The innovative steaming system impresses with its short heating-up times, optimized air and steam distribution, low energy consumption and a perfect and even baking result - with energy savings of up to 15%*.

Product features and special features:

More freedom of movement when loading and unloading

Efficient ActiveSteam steam technology

Time-saving baking process due to shorter heating-up time

Reliable and consistently good baking results

Finer timing of the humidification via the Wtouch control

Reduced energy consumption of up to 15%*

(*compared to the previous model Dibas blue M with active cascade)

Airflow and steam systems

With other oven makers, Baxter rotating rack ovens are ideal for baking, roasting or reheating a variety of food thanks to the company’s unique airflow and steam systems. Rotating rack ovens control heat so that it’s dispersed evenly throughout the oven. As a result, you can cook everything — from breads and pastries to meats and casseroles—thoroughly and evenly.

The hallmark of all Baxter rotating rack ovens is the unique airflow system that ensures elimination of cold and hot pockets, thanks in part to the mounted ceiling fan.

This airflow combines with Baxter’s patented, self-contained steam system to provide even heat and moisture dispersion, which in turn provides perfectly consistent results - top to bottom; side to side.

The advanced control can store up to 99 recipes, Auto On preheating/preset and Auto Off shut down. The new easy-to-use Smart Touch Control enhances operational productivity with energy usage monitoring and recipe management.

Steam control

Golden, shiny crusts. The secret is steam.

To always provide the perfect finish, controlled steam is the key. Rather than relying on dozens of small, easily clogged nozzles, Baxter's patented, self-contained spherical cast steam system dispenses water from a single large opening. The water interacts with heated cast iron spheres to create the large amounts of steam that are necessary for a thick, golden crust. Gravity combines with the Baxter airflow system to do the rest. Steam is evenly dispersed throughout the oven.

Whether you’re using Baxter’s rotating rack or deck oven, the operator has complete control over the volume of steam that is applied. The cast iron system also acts as heat reservoir, reducing temperature drop, and providing a faster temperature recovery.

Incredibly durable and incredibly effective, Baxter’s steam system provides consistent water volume through a wide pressure range to ensure a repeatable steam/bake. Cast iron spheres create large amounts of steam for golden crust. Water is dispensed from a single large opening to eliminate clogging. It also acts as a heat reservoir for fast temperature recovery. Even steam dispersion accelerates cooking and generates even results for all products.

Ease of operation

Smart Touch improves ease of operation and brings out the best in baking and cooking efficiency to boost the productivity and profitability of your bakery or kitchen.

When paired with Baxter’s rotating double rack gas oven model OV520G, Smart Touch increases energy efficiency, utility savings, and further decreases greenhouse gas emissions, making Smart Touch an environmentally friendly option.

For recipe management, there is a touchscreen menu, which simplifies recipe selection by searching by image or name.

USB connection allows for quick recipe upload and download for easier management and consistent results across multiple locations. Recipe Cycle Count collects and stores recipe usage data to help users maintain a log of baked and cooked products.

Baxter deck ovens combine innovative steam technology with versatile and durable design for the perfect baking machine. With up to four independent decks and a variety of heat settings, you have ultimate control of how many products to bake and how to bake them.

The combination of specially designed heating elements and high-quality, atmospheric steam means you get exactly the finish you want, from a thick, chewy pizza slice to a flaky, crispy loaf of artisan bread.

More options

The Baxter mini rotating rack oven does everything a full-size model does — only in a smaller footprint. This oven is all about versatility. The ability to handle a wide range of products in a small footprint makes it easier to try new products and respond to changing tastes.

The mini rotating rack oven is also one of few at this size with a rotating interior rack for an even bake, for everything from breads and pastries to meats and casseroles.

The Baxter VersaOven™ combines the best features of rotisserie, combi, and convection ovens into a space-saving oven category all its own. Designed to cook, bake and steam large volumes quickly and easily, the VersaOven saves time and delivers top-quality results.

High-volume bakeries

Empire's LFR rack ovens are ideal for high-volume bakeries, wholesale operations, kitchens, or restaurants producing quality baked goods. They're perfectly suited for everything from bagels and breads to the most demanding cakes and pastries around.

Empire Bakery Equipment recognizes that each of its customers have specific needs. That's why the company offers a wide variety of commercial rack ovens. For example, FOX Compact Single Rack Ovens are perfect for bakery owners who are working with limited space. Despite their compact design, these rack ovens feature amazing capabilities and cutting-edge technologies, like the SureFlow Steam System.

“We also have options available for anyone in need of an oven with a larger capacity, including our double rotating rack ovens. These rotary ovens allow restaurants, bakeries, and supermarkets to produce the high volume of food they need while still emphasizing quality,” the company reports.

Are you a retail location or do you produce at more of a wholesale level? How much space is available at your location?

Incorporating all the latest design principles for great baking, safety, economy and long-lasting reliability the LFR-1 Single Rack Oven is ideal for high volume bakeries, supermarkets, wholesale operations, kitchens or restaurants. It’s perfectly suited for bagels, breads and the most delicate cakes and pastries.

The LFR-1 Single Rack Oven’s digital controls make it easy to operate, and the heavy-duty lifting system is totally mechanical to ensure years of trouble-free operation. Gentle airflow and energy-efficient design provide you with the highest quality baking and years of low-cost operation. Empire’s LFR-1 rotary oven meet the highest standards in quality, reliability, consistency, and durability for the bakery and food service industries.

When space is at a premium, Empire’s FOX Single Rack Oven incorporates all the latest design principles for great baking, safety, economy, and long-lasting reliability, this compact gas or electric oven is ideal for retail bakeries, bagel shops, kitchens, and restaurants. Ideal for a cookie oven, it's also perfectly suited for bagels, breads, cakes, pastries, and more.

Gentle airflow and energy-efficient design provide you with high-quality baking and years of low-cost operation. The innovative SureFlow® Steam System will not clog like traditional nozzle systems providing you with consistent steam bake after bake. Empire’s FOX Single Rack Oven meets the highest standards in quality, reliability and consistency in the bakery and foodservice industries. Whether you need the perfect cookie oven or a bakery stalwart, this is the compact gas/electric oven for you.

Modular deck oven

Erika Record Baking Equipment is the exclusive distributor of Tagliavini. This includes their modular electric deck oven, one of the most energy-efficient ovens on the market. These ovens are designed to maximize heat output using the least amount of energy possible. A single 3-pan wide deck uses only 5.76 kW (6.46 kW when using steam). This represents efficiency gains of 18% - 66% compared to the competition.

The modular electric deck oven provides both industry-leading efficiency and superior bake quality.
 While traditional "ECO" mode options typically sacrifice performance for less consumption, Tagliavini's efficiency is achieved even when the oven is at its highest temperature, with both land (floor) and sky (ceiling) fully powered, and steam activated. This means even less consumption may be observed depending on your baking needs and temperatures.

As a result, the oven remains more efficient at its full baking power than the ECO mode on some competing models.
 This is possible via its unique Power Management System (PMS), designed to utilize up to 50% less power than the competition. This unique system provides industry-leading recovery times, generating the maximum amount of heat output using the least amount of energy possible. This is coupled with highly insulated baking chambers and uniquely designed heating elements to achieve industry-leading efficiency. The system constantly monitors temperature and electrical needs, adapting energy on demand to meet your baking needs.

Wholesale baking operations can also leverage the superior quality and efficiency with the Tagliavini Tronik electric deck oven. This oven features the same power management system and energy-saving technology deployed in the modular, but scaled for higher production levels. Even greater operational cost savings can be observed when combined with on-premises solar or other renewable energy.

Suitable for round-the-clock baking, this oven is ideal for commissaries and large-volume production. Built for both your current and future needs, the Tronik is highly configurable, growing up to 5 decks tall with 2,310m2 of baking surface. Our experienced team can help you identify the best model for your baking operation. 

Sustained Excellence award

ITW Food Equipment Group has received the 2023 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year — Sustained Excellence award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for the 14th consecutive year. It is the highest honor among ENERGY STAR awards.

“The development of energy-efficient products is an absolute priority for our brands—Hobart, Traulsen, Vulcan, Wolf, Baxter and Stero—and we are honored to be recognized again for our initiatives,” said Todd Blair, director of marketing, ITW Food Equipment Group. “We are committed to manufacturing more efficient commercial kitchen equipment for foodservice and food retail professionals, so they can have peace of mind knowing they are using equipment that decreases impact on the environment as well as improving their bottom line.”
 “As we accelerate historic efforts to address climate change, public-private partnerships will be essential to realizing the scale of our ambition,” added EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan. “I applaud this year’s ENERGY STAR award winners for working with EPA to deliver a clean energy future that saves American consumers and businesses money and creates jobs.”
 Each year, the ENERGY STAR program honors a select group of businesses and organizations that have made outstanding contributions in the transition to a clean energy economy. These efforts are essential to creating a clean energy future for everyone.
 In 2022, ITW Food Equipment Group offered 416 ENERGY STAR-certified products as part of its continued focus on developing next-generation, energy-efficient equipment and making efficiency improvements at its manufacturing facilities. This was a 17% increase compared to 2021, with every brand achieving higher sales of ENERGY STAR-certified equipment.

More than ever, agri-food industry players face growing challenges. They must be able to adapt to the increasing market demand for diverse products, comply with stringent sanitary standards, and find solutions to maintain their industrial performance amidst an energy crisis and soaring prices.

Delicate pastry products, dairy desserts, vegetables, plant-based protein products, and other savory dishes such as meat and cheese-based pastries can complicate the baking process. Food splatters and residue are likely to clog the oven, cause contamination, and increase the risk of fire. Additionally, health risks related to meat-based products and those with egg or milk-based fillings require strict and specific cleaning operations enforced by regional and industrial hygiene standards.

MECATHERM, one of the world leaders in the design of automatic production lines and an expert in the baking, pastry, and industrial food sector, presents its new M-DAN Oven, an evolution of the FDAN Oven. The M-DAN Oven is dedicated to the production of delicate products. It prioritizes hygiene and food safety. With this new oven, MECATHERM used its baking expertise to evolve its product line by introducing an even more accessible oven that is easier to clean, both inside and outside. This allows major players in the industry to meet the strictest sanitary standards in the delicate pastry products market and food sector.

MECATHERM's new M-DAN Oven was developed to meet the baking requirements of delicate pastry products, dairy desserts, vegetables, plant-based protein products, and other savory dishes such as meat and cheese-based pastries. When developing this oven, the research and development teams worked around three major axes:

  • Ease of cleaning the inside and outside of the oven, guaranteeing hygiene and food safety
  • Baking precision, guaranteeing flexibility for baking a wide range of products
  • Energy efficiency and yield, guaranteeing industrial performance

To meet hygiene requirements, MECATHERM developed an oven that facilitates cleaning operations that sometimes need to be carried out several times a week or even daily, depending on the products. The M-DAN Oven cleans well with large amounts of water, thanks to a draining design both inside and outside. Made of all stainless-steel materials, its interior design and waterproof body allow for the drainage of wastewater. Ergonomic side access doors and access hatches have been installed on both sides along the entire length of the oven to facilitate access to the baking chamber and conveyors, which are 100% stainless steel. Operators have complete access to all areas of dirt buildup without having to disassemble elements, which simplifies and speeds up the cleaning process, even when there is little space to move around the oven. The oven is also equipped with automatic rotating brushes for cleaning belts and low drawers for easy recovery of solid residues after baking.

“With our new M-DAN Oven, we meet the needs of industrial users in search of a reactive, precise, efficient, and high-performance oven for baking their delicate pastry items, dairy desserts, vegetables, plant-based protein products, and other savory dishes, such as meat and cheese-based pastries. It meets the challenges of flexibility and energy efficiency while being particularly easy to operate and clean. Its high level of cleanliness is undoubtedly a major asset, achieving compliance with the strictest sanitary standards without wasting time on tedious cleaning operations," explains Xavier Gotti, oven product Manager at MECATHERM.

With its precise temperature curve and three combinations of heat transfer modes, the M-DAN Oven offers the flexibility required to meet the demand for a variety of products, such as delicate pastry items, dairy desserts, vegetables, plant-based protein products, and other savory dishes like meat and cheese-based pastries. The oven's modular construction offers compact and independent heating zones so that the user can make precise adjustments to heat flows (by convection and/or radiation), heating intensity, and airspeed to achieve the desired baking results. This baking precision is particularly essential for products with liquid fillings, such as pies, or savory dishes with different consistencies, such as gratins, where the textures and ingredients must be preserved during baking.

"The recent development of the M-DAN Oven is part of our mission to simplify our customers' lives. Our teams are dedicated to developing innovative solutions to help them obtain sustainable success. At MECATHERM, we are continuously evolving our offers and investing in R&D to meet the daily challenges of product quality, industrial performance, and sustainability that the market faces," adds Raymond Nogaël, vice president of marketing and business development at TMG.

The M-DAN Oven offers a large baking surface of up to 230m² to maximize efficiency. Additionally, the oven's high responsiveness quickly regulates temperature to optimize baking time. This enables the user to change recipes without delay for increased efficiency. The combination of radiation and convection and the real-time modulation of baking also significantly minimize product losses by avoiding the "flash heat" phenomenon during start-ups and production changes. The energy input is smoothed over the first products baked in the oven.

The M-DAN Oven has also been designed with sustainable development challenges in mind. The low-temperature convection baking of the M-DAN reduces energy losses with optimized baking times and cooler smoke emissions. The oven also has fine moisture management via the assistance function for adjusting the opening of the damper. This removes excess steam from the baking chamber and precisely manages air entry, avoiding any unnecessary heat loss.

Designed to optimize energy consumption and thus reduce CO2 and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, the M-DAN Oven works equally well with gas-fired thermal generators or electric resistance batteries. This compatibility with electric thermal generators meets the market's increasing demands for energy efficiency and sustainability since it eliminates CO2 emissions related to oven operation.

The oven is also compatible with MECATHERM’s M-Care digital solution, a dedicated application for predictive maintenance that prevents failures, avoids costly breakdowns, optimizes installation availability rates, and improves production line performance.

Pizza trends

Hot out of the oven from the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, Hormel Foods Corporation, a market leader in foodservice pizza toppings, has a pulse on the latest topping trends to help pizzaiolos, aficionados and home cooks everywhere elevate their pizza games.

Pizza-topping experts Kyle Flottman and Colby Strilaeff, both brand managers at Hormel Foods, have spent years working in the pizza-toppings business, and after experiencing the annual Vegas trade show and its 444 exhibitors, Flottman and Strilaeff identified the five key trends to look for in the coming months:

“One of the fastest growing trends in pizza is international flavors, with Thai, Vietnamese and Mexican flavors topping that ever-growing list,” Flottman said. From familiar favorites like chorizo to bold flavors like salsa verde and chicken tinga, a new line of Mexican-inspired toppings from Burke Corporation (Nevada, Iowa) — a Hormel Foods subsidiary — is capitalizing on consumer interests and elevating foodservice operators’ menus.

Use of non-traditional ingredients

According to Flottman, plant-based, dairy-free and pickle pizza are just a few variations that have recently taken the pizza world by storm. Hormel Foods continues to be an industry leader in the plant-based game. Its Happy Little Plants® pepperoni-style topping offers the burst of flavor people love and expect from real-meat pepperoni, but with a plant-based spin. Pickle pizza, paired by some with ranch dressing, has also been growing in popularity since first going viral in 2018.

With the popularity of cupping pepperoni reaching an all-time high, Hormel Foods is excited to introduce yet another cupping item to its portfolio of foodservice products. “We recently launched and introduced the new Fontanini® cup-and-char sausage at this year’s International Pizza Expo with great success,” Strilaeff said. “We couldn’t think of a better combination than Rosa Grande® pepperoni and Fontanini® cup-and-char sausage on any size or style of pizza, including deep dish.”

It’s no secret that spicy flavors have long been a staple on pizzas. However, Flottman expects this trend not only to continue, but also to intensify. “Many consumers tie food choices to self-expression,” Flottman said. “Consumers want spicy, complex flavors on their pizza pies. And we’re not just talking sweet and spicy. Consumers are bending the flavor system with some unlikely matchups, such as chili-dog pizza and Thai curry chicken pizza.”

Whether customers prefer thin, hand-tossed or deep-dish pizza, who doesn’t love piling on the pepperoni? Vincent Rotolo from Good Pie in Las Vegas helped launch this trend on social media by heaping a pound of pepperoni onto the restaurant’s signature “Triple Pep” pizza, a culinary creation that involves cooking half of the pepperoni in a pan and then placing it on top of the finished pizza.

The MIWE condo offers several innovative features, such as separately adjustable top and bottom heating for each stove, a hygienic surface that is easy to clean, and LED lighting to save energy and showcase baked goods. The oven is also equipped with a high efficiency steam device for precise steam performance and robust stone plates for genuine stone-baked bread.

“The MIWE condo is our electrically heated deck oven that boasts superior baking capabilities across a wide range of baked goods, from delicate pastries to heavy bread varieties and even roasts. Its modular design allows for customization to suit any capacity needs, with seven different base measurements and up to five baking chambers in three height options,” explains Javier Velez, president, MIWE America LLC.

“In today's marketplace, customers demand ovens that offer consistent quality and energy efficiency while also being versatile, easy to use, and easy to clean – of course, always while baking consistently premium quality products,” Velez says. “They also seek ovens that are adaptable to their specific needs and requirements.”

MIWE responds to these demands with a variety of high-quality ovens for many use-cases. Also, MIWE is very close to its customers, listening and analyzing demands, and integrating them into the products. Overall, MIWE responds to the demands of today's marketplace by offering high-quality, innovative, and customizable ovens that meet the needs in the world of professional bakers.

Optional features include the MIWE TC touch control and MIWE go! user interface, the MIWE TC-U central master control system for multi-stove designs, and the dynamic air flap control to make baking results consistent in varying weather conditions.

Finally, the MIWE condo offers an optional integrated loader for easy loading and unloading of baked goods. The MIWE condo-E is a special version designed for use in shops, with two double baking chambers and its own steam device for each deck.

“It is, therefore, with the above mentioned and many additional features one of our go-to choices in (artisan) retail bakeries,” Velez explains. “Another premium oven for the retail bakery marketplace is our rack oven MIWE roll-in. It is well known worldwide and stands for high quality made in Germany packed with many innovations producing evenly baked premium products from heavy rye bread to rolls and pastries.”

The MIWE condo comes with a new feature, called hand mode, and is designed for ambitious bakers who want to have complete control over the baking process, Velez explains. The Hand Mode allows bakers to adjust essential baking parameters such as temperature, steam amount, and baking time with simple sliders, making it intuitive and precise.

This mode is ideal for bakers who prefer a hands-on approach to baking and want to achieve outstanding baking results through fine manual control. With the Hand Mode, users can smoothly switch between the manual and regular baking program modes, and it is also useful for training employees to learn more about the baking process.

Coming soon is also MIWE optitherm.

This is an optional feature that allows for a finer temperature control in the MIWE condo, enabling bakers to adjust the heating power more precisely to their baked goods while enabling them to save energy, Velez explains. This function consists of several factors working together, such as a special lining of the baking chamber, improved heating element control with a new proportional controller, and a modified temperature sensor for intensified and homogenized heat radiation and improved temperature regulation. MIWE optitherm allows for reduced baking times or lower baking temperature with same high-quality output, resulting in better energy efficiency.

Looking at the MIWE roll-in highly useful features are the energy saving MIWE eco-Mode, the precise control of airflow MIWE aircontrol and MIWE atmospheric baking, which makes baking independent from weather conditions. Not to forget the newest functionalities for faster batch-after-batch baking (the Booster function) or the new Intenso steam, finding its way deep into the baking chamber even when tightly packed, Velez explains.

The MIWE condo offers several connectivity options to allow for easy and convenient remote control and monitoring of the oven, especially with the MIWE smart baking suite or the new MIWE starter app. These connectivity features enables users to control, monitor and adjust the oven from their computer or mobile device. Practical use cases are: Creating baking calendars, transferring baking programs, analyze usage and optimizing energy consumption.