Kokak Chocolates has unveiled multiple collections timed for Pride Month, the shop’s third anniversary, and expands with a first-time pastry program.

The newest collections include a Rainbow Love Truffle Collection ($37.95), Say It Louder Pride Collection ($51.95) and Assorted Pastry Box ($30) available for in-store, pick-up or delivery through June 30.

“We are embracing change, growth, and acceptance as our team celebrates three years in business. This anniversary is a humbling reminder that chocolates are a meaningful medium to share messages with loved ones and even to themselves,” says Carol Gancia, founder and head chocolatier of Kokak Chocolates. “Our chocolate bars and truffles are tied to sentiments that say “I love you,” “I accept you for just the way you are,” “I’m sorry,” “I miss you,” and “I’m proud of you.” We want to continue to amplify conversations with our customers by sharing artisanal chocolates for each season of their lives.”

New collections include:

Rainbow Love Truffle Collection | 9-piece ($37.95): Colorfully placed in a delightful rainbow-shaped box, this limited edition chocolate collection is to honor love in any form, shape, or size featuring nine heart-shaped single-origin chocolates in Hazelnut Praline and Kalamansi (a Philippine lime) truffle flavors.

Say It Louder Truffle Collection | 16-piece ($51.95) and 4-Piece ($14.95): Four colorful Pride flag designs celebrating all identities and love with 12 premium assorted flavorful truffles, such as Vanilla Sea Salt Caramel.

Assorted Brunch Pastries ($30): Six pastries including “Black is Beautiful” cupcakes, two classic chocolate brownies, and two heirloom chocolate chip cookies

“Black is Beautiful” Cupcakes Brunch Box ($30): The brand’s first chocolate pastry with a full-bodied, dark, rich cacao flavor and a smooth, creamy mouth feel.

Half Dozen Chocolate Chip Cookie Box ($30): Soft, chewy chocolate chip cookies with heirloom dark chocolate discs, drizzled with dark chocolate and topped with cacao nibs for added texture.

Half Dozen Chocolate Orange Cookies ($33): This dark chocolate cookie goes above and beyond the break-and-bake package with Ecuadorian dark chocolate, orange zest and candied orange bits.