Coast Packing, the largest supplier of animal fat shortenings in the Western United States, has rolled out its evolving, interactive TasteMap, a national initiative built on more than five years of pointing consumers to places where they can taste the difference lard and beef tallow make in all kinds of food.

Designed in association with New York-based Lounge Lizard, Coast Packing’s TasteMap lists some 1500+ establishments across the country, and growing. Originally an outgrowth of Coast’s participation in the NMCA and PDRA drag racing circuits, TasteMap combines all past editions -- some 30-odd maps -- into one interactive destination, which can be accessed and sorted on various parameters.

TasteMap pinpoints providers that include butchers, farms and farmers markets, food halls, grocery stores, meat markets and restaurants, among others. To enhance the experience for hungry diners, TasteMap includes a QR code pegged to establishments and their menus. The Coast TasteMap is dynamic, as diners are encouraged to submit their favorite spot.

“TasteMap is the definitive go-to site online to see who’s serving what may be the most flavorful comfort food anywhere in America,” says Eric R. Gustafson, Coast chief executive officer. “With this robust online map, improved interactivity is just where it starts. Our mantra is simple: comprehensively anticipate and address the needs of Coast’s diverse and growing customer base while advancing our position as a thought leader for animal fats in the food industry.”