ASR Group, the world’s largest refiner and marketer of cane sugar, has announced the release of an improved easy baking tub with new features for its legacy brands, Domino Sugar and C&H Sugar.

The easy baking tub is a new packaging format for sugar that offers more convenience for bakers and benefits related to sustainability, using 28 percent less plastic than the previous round canister design, reducing transportation emissions by 65 percent and including instructions on how to recycle.

This is the first time easy baking tubs will be available in-store at participating retailers across the United States. They hold approximately 8 cups of sugar that can be scooped and leveled directly from the container to a mixing bowl and can be refilled using Domino Sugar or C&H Sugar bags. The tub features a click-to-close hinged and the rectangular shape makes storing simpler than ever with a stackable design for pantries.

“The in-store launch of the easy baking tub and expansion to brick-and-mortar accessibility demonstrates our commitment to increase convenience for consumers,” says Suzzette Arroyo, director of brand management. “The easy baking tub was conceived with home bakers in mind to inspire baking love, and the flip-up lid and easy-to-scoop canister makes in-home baking a breeze.”