Novolex is introducing Power Prep wrap for grab-and-go hot sandwiches and other freshly made foods. Manufactured by Novolex brand Bagcraft, the new wrap is laminated and insulated to keep food tasting fresh as it moves from the freezer to thawing and re-heating, and while it's held under heat at the point of sale.

Power Prep wrap is ideal for convenience stores, supermarkets and other foodservice operators, catering to the growing demand for high-quality, freshly made offerings.

“When a national convenience store needed a new flexible packaging option for grab-and-go hot sandwiches, our innovation team developed a unique four-layer structure specifically designed to control moisture and heat,” says Tim Coulson, director of technology, paper at Novolex. “Our new Power Prep wrap is a true gamechanger, a unique solution that revolutionizes the way hot foods can be made, sold and enjoyed.”

Power Prep wrap uses non-fluorinated oil-and-grease-resistant paper that is laminated to a liner using a honeycomb pattern that creates an insulated layer. Among the many features of the multilayered wrap:

  • The lamination is designed with unique anti-curling capabilities to allow flat sheeting, saving time and increasing efficiency because foods can be quickly wrapped and frozen at scale.
  • It is more puncture-resistant than foil or foil/paper structure, providing an alternative to other packaging options.
  • The wrap can be custom printed to include branding and promotional messages.

Power Prep wrap is available as cut sheets in different sizes and can also be purchased as a roll.