The American Bakers Association (ABA) has unveiled The Bakers’ Forum, a member-exclusive resource that allows bakers to discuss and learn about operating a small business.

According to the ABA, the forum will support members with the expertise needed to run a small wholesale baking business, including that of the organization’s supplier members, and is open to many different types of small business owners, from self-employed to larger wholesale baking operations. The ABA said The Bakers’ Forum is its first moderated online community featuring in-house management software and will include virtual and in-person events to foster collaboration and networking in addition to other online content that has yet to be revealed.

“As ABA’s membership continues to grow and diversify, we recognized the need to create special solutions for this segment of our community,” said Ben Simpson, director of membership at the ABA. “Small business owners in the wholesale baking industry share unique challenges, and this forum creates an avenue for collaboration and info-sharing that isn’t currently available anywhere else.”

The ABA said its membership team has begun outreach for The Bakers’ Forum, focusing on members whose gross receipts of baked foods and mixes add up to $25 million or less per year.