One of the world’s top 10 flavor companies has published its annual report highlighting next year’s biggest trends in food and beverage flavors, up-and-coming ingredients, predictions for packaged foods and restaurants, and more., California-based T. Hasegawa USA announces the publication of its free downloadable 2023 Food and Beverage Flavor Report.

This annual report combines leading industry research findings with the latest data from T. Hasegawa’s product development and marketing teams to analyze what consumers are currently looking for in food and beverage categories and predict upcoming trends through next year.

T. Hasegawa has developed custom flavors for the world’s top food and beverage brands for more than a century. Globally recognized for its innovation and expertise in flavor development and proprietary flavor enhancing technologies, T. Hasegawa remains at the forefront of consumer trends and shares these developments and research findings throughout the food and beverage industry.

“T. Hasegawa’s R&D team is uniquely positioned to predict consumer flavor trends since we work with many of the world’s top food and beverage brands,” said Doug Resh, director of commercial marketing for T. Hasegawa USA. “Consumer tastes and behaviors are constantly changing, so it’s important for us to stay ahead of trends with this annual report. By leveraging the latest trend insights, we’re able to use flavor technology to deliver more of what consumers are looking for next year.”

Highlights from the T. Hasegawa 2023 Food and Beverage Flavor Report include:

  • Top Overall Consumer Trends such as economic/inflationary changes, functional and plant-based product demand, fermented flavors, sea vegetables and more
  • Top Ingredient Trends for immunity support, sustained energy, mental health and others
  • Snack food flavor innovations – How flavors are diversifying in snacks with international cuisine and unexpected combinations
  • Dessert and Confection trends, ingredients and findings and a look at how social media is reshaping indulgent foods.
  • Dips, Dressings and Sauce flavor trends – Including the latest international-inspired flavors and how the BFY dip category is delivering both nutrition and flavor
  • Protein Trends – A look at how traditional protein flavors like barbecue continue to thrive, while inflation and plant-based options evolve the category. Plus details on how international flavors are expanding proteins for U.S. consumers and encouraging experimentation
  • Regional and International flavor trends that are resonating with U.S. consumers

In dessert and confection trends, the report finds that consumers looking for more flavor innovation, healthfulness, functionality and, in a context of rising inflation, and value.

Social media is widely valued for its capacity to spark new indulgent food trends and concepts, and inspire homemade treat hacks, all of which can help shape innovation pipelines.

International tastes and spicy foods have room to grow. Interest in trying more diverse, unusual flavors and ingredients, including from Latin and Asian cuisine, is strong.

Pairing unusual, innovative tastes with well-established ones may be most effective, as consumers still value nostalgic tastes and seek familiar brands.