Sculpted cakes add a classic touch to any celebration. The following ideas and tools will help cake decorators reach their limits of creative possibilities.

Satin Ice features a wide range of innovations, including the new The Decorator’s Pantry collection. This collection includes an assortment of high-quality products that are essential in making different creations come to life.

Satin Ice CMC Powder is an essential ingredient to making homemade gum paste or adding strength and elasticity to pre-made fondant or gum paste. This will allow your intricate creations to dry fast and stand up to gravity.

Satin Ice Edible Glue provides a powerful adhesion for your edible crafting. Use for attaching edible decorations to cookies, cakes, cupcakes and more.

Satin Ice Glucose Syrup is a high-quality clear corn syrup with a consistent, thick texture and a premium quality pure sugar taste and adds a glossy finish.

Vibrant colors & more

According to new research from Rich’s, think small. Smaller portion items in fresh bakery are growing much faster than average. Mini and smaller-sized, affordable indulgences like cookies, cake slices and morning sweets, can lower purchase barriers and encourage trial, personal indulgence, sharing and exploration.

Everything is better in color, why not cake? Vibrant colors and mouthwatering taste can coexist when you have Rich’s Bettercreme®. Make it easy. Make it pop. Pipe the celebration.

Icing with crunchy cookie crumbles? Yes! Conjure cake creations that simply amaze with our topping and icing specialty flavors. Bring on the bits of delight and summon the seasons with bursting flavor.

Rich’s pioneering non-dairy topping, Whip Topping®, is the perfect start to mind-blowing creations. Looking for the perfect couple? Creamy taste and versatility are just a whip away. From Gold Label® to Grand American®, our world of toppings offers the versatility to free your imagination.

Three shopper segments hold the key to continued growth

As a complement to the sentiment tracking surveys, Rich’s conducted a proprietary shopper segmentation study in 2022 to identify the types of shoppers who provide the greatest opportunity for future fresh bakery growth and success.

Engaged Explorers love variety and enjoy personalizing their choices when it comes to their fresh bakery purchases. Representing 20% of total fresh bakery buyers, engaged explorers spend the most, at $116.43 per buyer. To win them over, focus on flavor variety across all fresh bakery categories, prioritizing seasonal and globally inspired flavors.

Special Treat Seekers are baked-good cravers who seek value and appreciate the “specialness” of fresh bakery. They represent 29% of total fresh bakery buyers. Offer a variety of smaller sized options to create more treatable moments for this cost-conscious segment, along with special deals and promotions. Packaging should have visual appeal and preserve freshness to outweigh their focus on price.

Health Balancers are drawn to “better for you” baked goods and represent 15% of total fresh bakery buyers. Draw them in with a curated section of the bakery including premium products with clean ingredient labels and smaller portion sizes to moderate sugar/carbohydrate intake.

“Rich’s is constantly seeking new ways to understand shopper needs at a greater level of depth for the benefit of our retailers and customers,” said Bill Heiler, manager, Research & Insights, Rich Products. “These surveys reveal that the greatest opportunity for retailers to increase purchase frequency is by helping shoppers see how bakery solutions can elevate everyday occasions.”

Upcoming celebrations

DecoPac offers marketing ideas for key holidays including Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s copy ideas from DecoPac:

  • Roses are red, violets are blue, cake is sweeter when we share it with you.
  • All you need is love. And chocolate. And cupcakes. And cookies.
  • Cupid called,he wants his cake back.
  • Money can’t buy a relationship, but it can buy cake. That’s basically the same thing, right?
  • Cake says “I love you” so much better than words.
  • Cake is the sweetest way to say“I love you”.
  • Heart eyes for the dessert table.
  • Couples that cake together, stay together.