Every retail bakery in America should be carrying walnut brownies. They are the perfect comfort food when times are bad, and the perfect comfort food when times are good. Here are four reasons walnuts should go on top of and inside every brownie:

  1. Walnut brownies are what Grandma makes, and Grandma is always right. When consumers choose brownies, they’re looking to indulge. Walnut brownies during the holiday season or as a late-night snack are the perfect way to indulge in a sweet treat.
  2. Walnuts are visually appealing. Walnuts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, giving bakers the ability to tailor the bite of a specific bakery product based on the size of walnut used. Bakers love walnuts for the ability to elevate any bakery food, and walnut pieces work great as a topper.
  3. Walnuts impart a complex, subtle nutty flavor profile with tangy, acidic, buttery and sharp notes.
  4. Walnuts add texture, thanks to the perfect bite. Neither too hard nor too soft, they are the ideal inclusion in brownies. With walnuts available in sizes ranging from whole pieces to walnut meal, retail bakers have the ability to tailor the perfect mouthfeel in walnut brownies. 

Jennifer Williams is the marketing director for the California Walnut Board and Commission in Folsom, California.