With Valentine’s Day less than a month away, Delysia Chocolatier has introduced luxury truffle collections for the special day.

The standout 16-piece truffle collection pays homage to the goddess of love Aphrodite, the “Sensual” collection (9-piece box) features the unique Ruby chocolate and infused with aphrodisiacs, and finally the “Lovers” collection (9-piece box) features nostalgic ingredients like champagne and red velvet cake.

Goddess of Love collection

This exclusive limited edition 16-piece truffle collection contains:

  • 4 ‘Passion’ Almond honey fig chocolate truffles
  • 4 ‘Adoration’ Raspberry rose petal hibiscus chocolate truffles
  • 4 ‘Unity’ Pomegrante strawberry chocolate truffles
  • 4 ‘Love’ Spiced wine berry chocolate truffles

Sensual ruby collection

This sensual 9-piece chocolate truffle collection of ruby chocolate contains:

  • 3 Truffled honey ginger ruby chocolate truffles
  • 3 Merlot cherries & cream ruby chocolate truffles
  • 3 Chipotle orange ruby chocolate truffles

Lovers collection

This uniquely classic 9-piece chocolate truffle collection contains:

  • 3 Rose petal chocolate truffle
  • 3 Red velvet chocolate truffle
  • 3 Strawberry brut chocolate truffle

Delysia Chocolatier, led by chef-owner and chocolatier Nicole Patel, is an award-winning artisan chocolate company based in Austin, Texas.