Insomnia Cookies is starting the new year by unveiling two brand new, first-of-its-kind menu items. The late-night cookie bakery chain has baked together two of its most decadent offerings—its chocolate chunk cookie and its brownie—for the Chocolate Chunk Brookie.

Additionally, Insomnia introduces another new treat, the Chocolate Chunk Blondie, that takes the fan-favorite chocolate chunk recipe to a new level.

The following are available now in-store, for local delivery and via nationwide shipping indefinitely”

  • Chocolate Chunk Brookie
  • Chocolate Chunk Blondie
  • Chocolate Chip Brownie – Extra fudgy, ultra-rich brownie packed with milk chocolate chunks
  • Loaded Brownie – Choose a brownie, blondie, or brookie base, topped with cream cheese frosting, cookie butter, or buttercream and garnished with your favorite toppings

Customers will now have the option to add the Chocolate Chunk Blondie and/or the Chocolate Chunk Brookie to packs including the Super 6, 4+4-pack, Deluxe 4-pack and Deluxe 6-pack.