Amirah Kassem of Flour Shop, home of the beloved rainbow-colored exploding cakes, is continuing her fun and playful creations with new cake kits, cookie cutters and more this month.

Available exclusively at Williams Sonoma, customers will be able to purchase any of the following products starting on Thursday, January 12:

  • Flour Shop Checkerboard Cake Kit ($47.95) 
  • Flour Shop Ice Cream Cone Cake Kit ($45.95)
  • Flour Shop Pizza Cookie Cake Kit ($39.95)
  • Flour Shop Adult Apron ($29.95)
  • Flour Shop Kids Apron ($24.95)
  • Flour Shop Pancake Molds ($16.95)
  • Flour Shop Cookie Cutters - Set of 6 ($29.95)

Kassem grew up baking and sculpting with her mother in Mexico, where she discovered an appreciation for fine ingredients and mastered the art of multi-sensory experiences. Today, her food-based installations have been exhibited everywhere from private settings at the Whitney Museum to 64-foot edible hallways at the Brooklyn Museum.