Just in time for New Year’s Eve, bakery chain Sprinkles has announced the finale of it limited-edition flavor partnership with Sanctuary WRLD and Owen’s Craft Mixers – The Espresso Martini cupcake.

The Espresso Martini cupcake is part of the chain’s Astrology Series, this time for Capricorn. The limited-edition flavor features a Kahlua cake, filled with coffee infused marshmallow and topped with espresso martini frosting. It takes inspiration from the Owen’s Nitro-Infused Martini Mix Mixer.

On December 26-27, consumers had access to pre-order the cupcakes ($6 each) online that can be picked up or delivered (within 20 miles of a store) on December 30-31.

Sprinkles is offering additional limited-edition flavors around the New Year. The Kir Royale (available now through January 8, 2023) features a sparkling rosė cake with a raspberry Chambord jam core, and cream cheese frosting marbled with raspberry Chambord jam, all topped with an Une Femme decoration. The Pop Tart cupcake (available January 1-8) features a vanilla cake, lined with a pink sugar cookie crust, filled with strawberry jam, topped with strawberry frosting, then finished with drizzled vanilla buttercream, red sugar crystals, and a mini Pop Tart.