Starbucks predicts that over 16 percent of Americans will receive a Starbucks Card this holiday season, following a record-breaking holiday season for Starbucks Card sales in 2021. Last year, Starbucks sold more than 55 million Starbucks Cards, including both physical and digital cards in the US and Canada during the holiday season, and projects that number to increase to over 58 million cards sold this year.

Nearly $3 billion dollars will be loaded on to Starbucks Cards from October to December.

“Starbucks is one of the most gifted brands in the world, and we are honored that our customers continue to give Starbucks Cards as a meaningful gift during the holiday season,” says Brady Brewer, Starbucks chief marketing officer. “Starbucks – in so many ways – is a currency of kindness. By giving a Starbucks Card, you’re giving an experience and opportunity to connect over coffee.”  

With gift cards being a popular holiday gift this year, Starbucks anticipates December 23 to be the company’s busiest day for Starbucks Card sales, as Americans look for last-minute gifts.