Funny Face Bakery, the pop culture bakery born and based in New York City, has released two new seasonal Gooey cookie flavors just in time for the holidays. 

The bakery has brought back the holiday twist on its classic Christmas Crumbfetti flavor and has introduced a new bite-sized Cutie flavor, Ginger Spice.

Christmas Crumbfetti cookies have the same sweet taste as the originals (Crumbfetti) but with a colorful twist that will transport customers to their childhood with every bite. The Ginger Spice Cuties are golden brown, chewy and studded with ginger and cinnamon spices. These sugary snow-dusted cookies are ready to share in packs of 12, 24 or 36.

Funny Face Bakery separates itself from more traditional bakeries by touching on trends from the past to the present, making it a true pop culture bakery. Outside of its gooey cookies and pre-piped cookies, the bakery will turn anyone’s face (or favorite place, person and inside joke) into an edible work of art.

Earlier this year, the bakery announced that it has opened a location in the city’s trendy NoHo neighborhood on Lafayette Street. This is its third retail location, the second being in the Seaport on Fulton Street which opened June 2021.