Cybake has announced that its bakery software now integrates with REKKI, the ordering app for chefs and restaurants around the world, allowing REKKI orders to flow directly into Cybake and give bakeries the opportunity to automatically factor REKKI orders into production planning. By integrating with Cybake, bakeries can also reject orders placed after product cut-off times.

After building an ordering app for mobile/cell phones in 2016, London-based REKKI now operates worldwide and has become a mainstay for chefs that need to order bread and baked goods. The app has turned its focus to Cybake as many of the baked goods suppliers who signed up to the service in the past few years use Cybake bakery software to manage their bakeries.

“The integration itself saves an enormous amount of time and money,” says REKKI product manager Jamie Munro. “The time is the obvious bit. It is the time it takes to process an order, so there’s that calculation. Then there is also the time it takes, and the money it takes, to recover from human errors when processing those orders. They are more common than the errors you have when you have an integration.”

“When you start to look at the numbers, this might save you one pound/dollar an order in costs, but the costs of mistakes made on order processing – second deliveries, having to credit a customer when something has been delivered wrong, when it is your mistake – far outweigh the order process cost. That’s the hidden benefit of it,” Munro adds.

“REKKI is an excellent app and the way the team behind it have built up its coverage across the world is impressive,” says Jane Tyler, founder and managing director of Cybake. “What I really like about it is the way that it solves real-world issues in our sector so neatly. We were very happy to collaborate on this project.”

Watford, Hertfordshire, UK-based Seven Seeded Artisan Bakery, which supplies quality bread and pastries to restaurants, coffee shops and selected independent stores across London, is both a REKKI and Cybake user. Managing director David Dwek says that the integration helps his bakery to keep its business organized and its processes straightforward.

“It’s good software and it helps us receive information in the way we want to receive it, rather than it scribbled with a pen or in a WhatsApp message or a phone call,” Dwek says.