The Satin Ice Holiday Collection features flavored fondant in a colorful range of holiday flavors, including peppermint fondant and hot cocoa fondant.

Established in 2001, Satin Fine Foods developed the Satin Ice range of products to satisfy the demands of the best cake artists in the world – a fondant that is premium quality with the greatest workability, consistency, and taste.

Below are some common questions that come about when working with fondant. Before you get started here are some of the most helpful hints to keep in mind as you work:


Make sure your surface, tools and hands are clean and dry. 

Avoid sticking to worksurface with shortening, cornstarch or powdered sugar. 

Wrap and seal fondant that’s not in use so it doesn't dry out. 


Work fast to keep fondant pliable. 

Knead the fondant, it will become softer and more pliable as you knead it. 

After use, store fondant at room temperature (but put chocolate in the fridge).


Roll out to about 1/8” thick for covering.

If covering a cake, use a firm cake mix (like pound cake).