Use Edible Glitter from Watson to turn your food product into a holiday favorite. Find out more at IFT 2012, which will take place June 26-28, 2012, in Las Vegas, NV, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The Watson staff will be on hand to show you all the great products we have to offer. Feel free to stop by and visit booth #2311 on the IFT Food Expo floor.

Advantages include:

Eye catching

Increases consumer appeal

Creates product differentiation

Increase sales during key holiday season

Increases perceived value

Attract new customers to a mature product


You can add glitter to:

Snack Chips & Popcorn

Cookies & Crackers

Breakfast Cereals

Candy & Coatings


Bread & Baked Goods

Carbonated Beverages



Heat Stable: Glitter can be baked on without browning or burning in temperatures up to 450o F.
Freeze/Thaw Stable: Use it on frozen desserts and frozen baked goods.
Solubility Options: Available in soluble and in-soluble forms.
Flake Size: Available in a range of flake sizes. Flake sizes can be as small as 50 mesh or as large as a quarter inch.
Colors: FD&C, EU, natural and custom Pantone colors available.

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