Racine, Wisconsin’s O&H Danish Bakery has announced the launch of its limited-edition Christmas Cookie Kringle, available online and in-store through December 31. The special pastry combines a beloved holiday treat with Kringle, the official dessert of the state.

“Christmas is our favorite time of year at O&H Danish Bakery and being a family-owned business, we love being able to share our family’s holiday traditions with our customers. Baking Christmas cookies is a beloved holiday memory for many, including myself, so combining that with our signature Kringle is the ultimate holiday combination,” says Eric Olesen, third-generation co-owner of O&H Danish Bakery. “We can’t wait for you to try the Christmas Cookie Kringle and add a new tradition to your celebrations.”

The Christmas Cookie Kringle features 36 layers of O&H Danish Bakery’s signature flaky pastry which is then formed into the traditional oval shape and filled with a butter cookie filling made with premium vanilla and cookie paste. To finish, the Kringle is topped with creamy holiday-colored frosting and festive sprinkles.

Also available for the holidays are A Very Danish Christmas Kringle (inspired by one of the most traditional Christmas desserts in Denmark called Risalamande, made by layering almond filling with tart Montmorency cherries), the Cranberry Kringle and the Christmas Fudge Kringle.