In honor of Halloween, New York City’s Serendipity3 is releasing some themed menu items.

The Halloween Lights Out Sundae starts with three scoops of black vanilla ice cream covered in black chocolate “rocks”, a dark cloud of black whipped cream sprinkled with black edible glitter, black ice cream cone horns, a creepy spider ring and candy googly eyes that stare back at you. This sundae is available to all patrons exclusively on Halloween for $24.95  

Additionally, the restaurant is adding its own twist to the classic Bloody Mary and created its very own Bloody SCARY Mary with purple carrot witch fingers, button mushroom skulls, edible bloody eyeballs, glitter spiders and a bloody hand.

Serendipity3 is known for its extravagant menu items, such as the Selena Sundae, inspired by part owner and investor in the restaurant and Serendipity Brands, Selena Gomez. These items have garnered a worldwide audience and celebrity following over the years, including Cher, Marilyn Monroe, Kim Kardashian, the Hilton family, Wendy Williams and Andy Warhol.