Quince, an unjustly neglected ancient fruit, has made a comeback on chefs’ tables, in sweet or savory dishes that bring out its floral notes of rose with a hint of acidity.

Global consumer flavor preferences demand that bakeries add to their flavor choices to maintain a strong customer following. The new Les vergers Boiron frozen quince purée offers a perfect example; this product with no added sugar is made from fruit ripened by Mediterranean sunshine, carefully picked by hand.

The fruit selected for the new Les vergers Boiron frozen purée is grown near Cap d’Agde, in the South of France. The Occitania region is particularly well suited to growing this fruit, which is sensitive to frost. The bilateral climate of this region, alternating between heavy rains and periods of drought, is perfect for growing quince, which prefers irrigation through immersion.

When ripe, the quince is carefully picked by hand, between October and November as, despite its firmness, its flesh is very delicate. Once picked, it cannot be kept for long, even chilled. A climacteric fruit, it is ripened by its own production of ethylene (plant hormone), which can continue even after harvesting.

A very demanding fruit

Processing quince into purée must be done quickly, as its flesh oxidizes very rapidly and has a tendency to brown. Thanks to expertise and know-how, Les vergers Boiron is able to offer quince purée with no added antioxidants or preservatives (citric or ascorbic acid).

To offer a premium quality raw material, Les vergers Boiron has selected a producer that follows eco-friendly practices, growing the fruit in plots that comply strictly with food standards, to ensure it is free of any pesticide residue.

To offer culinary professionals a remarkably aromatic product, Les vergers Boiron has selected rustic varieties close to the original strain. Les vergers Boiron quince purée with no added sugar reveals the full intensity of rustic fruit with floral notes of rose and a touch of acidity, delivering a distinctive feeling of freshness.

The high pectin content of quince gives the purée a smooth, thick texture, dark beige color and extremely creamy appearance. To preserve its softness, Les vergers Boiron manufacturing process ensures that the purée does not feel grainy on the palate.

These are more reasons to rediscover this ancient fruit that truly stands out in both sweet and savory original culinary creations.