California bakers have created a life-size bread dough sculpture of Star Wars character Han Solo frozen in carbonite, named “Pan Solo.”

The model is a follow-up to One House Bakery and Hanalee Pervan’s 2020 masterpiece, “The Paindoughlorian,” which was a life-size sculpture of the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda - made entirely from bread, and was featured in various media outlets.

Pervan is a distinguished baker that studied at Le Cordon Bleu and worked on both the pastry and bread teams at Bouchon Bakery and the bread team at The French Laundry. One House Bakery has supplied bread to Michelin rated Bouchon Bistro, been recognized by many publications and received various awards.

One House Bakery’s Pan Solo creation is part of the Annual Scarecrow Contest in Benicia, California, which is a time for locals and visitors to stroll First Street and marvel at the creativity of Benicia business owners as well as shop and dine.