The International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) presents an excellent opportunity for the international baking community to not only find solutions to current supply chain and labor challenges but also to network and learn about trends around the globe.

“Interacting with other bakers, and exhibitors interacting with other exhibitors, will help us see where our markets are going,” said Jorge Zarate, global senior vice president of operations and engineering at Grupo Bimbo S.A.B de C.V., and vice chairman of IBIE. “All of the countries are in different stages of maturity. They are not in the same place, so this interaction is important.”

IBIE 2022 welcomed 106 countries making the international baker attendance 34% higher than the attendance at the 2019 show. Countries with more robust attendance numbers such as Mexico, Canada, Colombia, Brazil and Spain expanded for 2022. This year's IBIE saw a 52% increase in baker registrations from Mexico and a 40% increase in baker registrations from Canada. 

Bakers internationally are interested in learning more about sustainability and producing healthy products to meet consumer demand.

“After the pandemic people have more time to think about themselves and their families’ nutrition,” Mr. Zarate said. “They are demanding that companies provide more health-and-wellness products.”

As companies around the globe are facing many of the same supply chain and workforce issues as in North America, IBIE presents a good opportunity for entire teams, from the production room to the executive level, to coordinate and network.

“This show used to be a technical show just for engineers and bakers but not anymore,” Mr. Zarate said. “More parts of the value chain are interested in what is going on here. It’s a perfect place for CEOs or upper management to see what is going on with the industry all over the place.”