WP Bakery Group USA (Booth No. 1633) is offering IBIE 2022 attendees an immersive video experience in its Big Black Box built on the floor.

Every 30 minutes, up to 15 people can enter the booth with floor-to-ceiling screens to view the video featuring beautiful shots of baked goods and more. 

The video, which was shot throughout the world, features bakers telling their stories about how they solved their problems through automation, specifically with the help of WP Bakery Group.

Screens surround viewers while the aroma of baking bread wafts through the air. The video is the next generation of trade show experiences, says Patricia Kennedy, president and chief executive officer of WP Bakery Group USA.

“With this immersive experience — something the industry has never seen before — we are able to present a much broader view of our equipment line than with machines on the booth floor,” she says.

The last showing of the video is 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 21.