IBIE puts baking’s newest advances on full display in one efficient, state-of-the-art center of innovation. Attendees can browse the Innovation Showcase, located in the Convention Center North and west Hall Connector, to see new products and technology that might equip their operation for the future. The showcase includes ingredients, equipment, packaging and safety products never before seen at IBIE. This key requirement ensures attendees experience the latest industry advancements. Featured exhibitors can also be identified via the IBIE 2022 mobile app, the IBIE website and by the placards displayed in their booths.

The No. 1 reason people attend an industry trade show is to see the latest advancements in their industry. The Innovation Showcase has become one of the most popular attractions at IBIE. The feature returns this year, highlighting the cutting-edge developments that have hit the industry in the past three years, making it a “must-see” event for everyone.

Showgoers can expect to see the latest in both wholesale and retail advancements, including ovens, mixers, packaging equipment, heat management solutions and consulting services to equip their operations in the future.

To ensure attendees experience the latest industry advancements, the innovation must not have been exhibited at a previous IBIE Innovation Showcase.

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For the most up-to-date list in the showcase, check out the Innovation Showcase on the IBIE website.